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Annemare Rijnbeek

Annemare Rijnbeek is a perfectionist.
Her work is a concentrated concept of dreamt thoughts and realised images. Nothing on her canvas is unfinished, not even the empty spaces. Technically she doesn’t make mistakes. She is in charge of her materials, however divers,and controls her compositions almost mathematically.
At the same time she she creates (magic?) a certain chaos that doesn’t lead the viewer to read her work a certain way. As onlooker you are fascinated by an irreal reality, that has nothing to do with surrealism, but which follows from a combination of recognizable objects (photographs, pages from an old book) with painted moments of thoughts running free.
The poetry of the brush isn’t far off. Annemare once described her work as ‘refined canvasses with a hidden power’.The power isn’t just in the perception of the first impression, but emerges while one regards the work for a longer period of time because then you realize what is happening in the painting. You have to make an effort in order to have a dialogue with her work.
The process of looking is like the process of painting: from nothing, the unknown, an idea grows that will find its peace when recognized. Color is a very important element: from convincing black to subtle, almost translucent.
The environment grown still gives the opportunity to hand over the thinking of the artist. And balancing between the different elements in the composition one finds utter peace.

De kunst van Annemare Rijnbeek

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Op 27 Januari 2009 om 22.25 zei Inge Reisberman...
Mooi werk Annemare!

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