Patimat Guseynova Sharukhanova gives the opinion of the artist Shefqet Avdush Emini


What is expressionism? A momentary reaction placed on the canvas? No, this is not an expression of the first sudden emotion, but a complicated psychic structure, which was formed during a reusable spiritual assessment. The human brain, like a mixer, constantly dumps a lot of instant impressions and gets the final clean product, free from the superfluous and applied. Work in style; abstraction, symbolism, expressionism - requires the artist to rethink and mix the “files” from the outside with his own, as well as analysis and structuring.

Shefqet’s mental organization is complex and incomprehensible. In work, he can be calm, measured, self-confident. All this is equal to him an excellent academic base and uninterrupted work experience. However,  if he could be content only with skill and methodological knowledge. Perfectionism, which requires a different approach to the creative process, the approach of an unfamiliar, unexplored, does not give his soul peace.

Each of his experiences is not passed. He does not like to repeat either in his own or in someone else's work. In the constant search for the “other”, he can find only the way in which he manages to convey subtle deep feelings and characteristic features; through the gleam in the eyes, the tenderness in the lips, the velvet on the cheeks ... It feels as if he is creeping into the very heart of the person he is portraying. Barbarian mixed colors, shocking and provocative events occurring because of the bachelor.

Shefqet Avdush Emini does not seek to quote God, trying his hand at the figurative. He reveals to us his own universe in which recklessly CREATES!

Patimat Guseynova Sharukhanova - artist,

Curator, Art Director of the Center for Ethnic Culture,

Member of the Union of Artists of Russia (member of the Fine ART-AIAP UNESCO International Association

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